About Us

At Rik Parker | New York, we have been working to turn our passions into ways in which we can impact our global communities. 

In working with natural stones, the foundations pieces of our planet and a part of every continent, country, and living being, we have come to understand how they can be seen as many things to as many people. In some cultures, stones can be shaped into prized tools, and for others prized art pieces. However, it is more common that stones may be a support system to economic growth and can also be a source of pride and faith for native peoples.

This is why we chose to return to the market with something universal to all and prized by so many in as many different ways. With each piece, we seek to use these stones to tell a story.  Like Pollack with his canvas, an epic of chaos, there is still a journey to be taken in its madness. For every bracelet, necklace, and earrings, we select each individual stone for its place in a narrative of energy and life. Millions of years in existence, each stone sat alone, before being selected just for you.

Sowing Our Ground
In putting our brand on these products, we feel that we have a responsibility to drive a positive change to drive forward our progress to others. As we grow we will continually seek out community artisans to feature their products and support their communities. This will take the form of direct purchases from native and indigenous people at their market rates and from organizations that support micromarkets for native craftsman.  

In addition to our direct financial support of these communities through ongoing purchases, we will also donate 10% of net sales from their products to charitable organizations supporting community development and education in each source country.

We believe that if we continually help to build these communities, we can feel a strong sense of pride in bringing our products to you.