Blue Turquoise Howlite Infinity Bracelet - 8mm

Blue Turquoise Howlite Infinity Bracelet - 8mm

$ 25.00

Reminiscent of summer skies and Caribbean seas, the Blue Turqiouse Howlite Infinity Bracelet brings a sense of calm to those who wear it. The howlite is a healing and spiritual stone, promoting strength and serenity.

How to Wear
Mirror skies of blue by pairing the turquoise howlite infinity bracelet with colors of the sea, basic white pieces or your chicest yoga wear.

23 8mm smooth beads, approximately 7.25 inches in length. Please specify size when ordering, the selected size will determine the number of beads and overall length. All items are available with or without charms, please send us an email if you are looking for something specific.


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