Bright Blue Striped Agate Infinity Bracelet - 8mm

Bright Blue Striped Agate Infinity Bracelet - 8mm

$ 30.00

A mystical mix of blues, the Bright Blue Striped Agate Infinity Bracelet adds a pop of color while representing harmony. The agate has also been used as a powerful healing stone since Biblical Babylonian times, protecting against bad dreams while improving concentration and perception. The white stripes, sprays, and clouds within the stone bring both balance and beauty to the blue hue of the stones.

How to Wear
Combine beauty and balance by pairing with a breezy sundress, a tailored trench coat, or plain white tee.

22 8mm smooth beads, approximately 6.9 inches in length.



Made proudly in NYC, Rik Parker's handcrafted designs are as unique as the energy and people of our beautiful city.

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